In 2009 DJ RQ Away was standing in the back of a tiny bar, thinking. The music was loud, the people were sweating and dancing and the door was open. Across the street, directly in front of the bar was an overpass, its underside scattered with tents occupied by those who needed help. Somehow, RQ Away felt, what brought together the people in the bar could be used to benefit the people in those tents. That idea was the genesis of #Awayteam.

#Awayteam serves as an extension of DJ RQ Away‘s personal reach and an avenue to better serve the community around him. Since its creation #Awayteam has collected and donated hundreds of books, fed the homeless, collected more than 2,000 lbs of food for Second Harvest Food Bank and donated funds to a gamut of causes and individuals. 

Aside from philanthropic efforts, #Awayteam serves as a hub for apparel, social events and parties, and educational workshops all created and curated by RQ Away. Outside of his accomplishments behind the turntables, DJ RQ Away is most proud of his membership program known online as "#AwayteamMC". It is a card-based program that gives its members various perks and discounts, but its main intention is to boost business for local vendors, restaurants, service providers, and brands.  

When the power dies and the turntables and computers go silent, DJ RQ Away hopes #Awayteam will be left standing and working to keep Education, Unity and Progression at the forefront of minds within and beyond his city.